About Mystic Empyrean

Mystic Empyrean is a storytelling system, with remarkable flexibility in setting and concept. It also does a lot of things different than, say, D&D. First and foremost, when I say it is a storytelling system, I mean that will be my primary goal as a GM: To tell a story. There isn’t really much on the crunch side of things. Characters are able to regenerate superficial wounds without much difficulty; even being decapitated would be unlikely to kill a PC.

Persona Traits

The PCs are all Eidolons, creatures of Empyrean that are made of concentrated Anima, the elemental matter of the world. In a sense, they are like demigods. An interesting trait of their nature, though, is the fact that they quite literally wear their hearts on their sleeves: Their habits and personality facets- both good and bad- sculpt their body in different ways, giving them various supernatural qualities.

An Eidolon who is gruff, for example, may grow an armored carapace, able to shield himself from most attacks. One whose heart is chilled from being solitary often may be able to create ice with a touch, or harden ice from the vapor in the air itself. One who is burdened with sorrow, though, may be sluggish to move, and slow to react to danger.

As these Persona Traits exhibit themselves as more and more of an Eidolon’s being, the powers associated with them grow stronger- though power comes with cost. At its greatest exhibition of power, a Trait becomes an all-consuming facet of one’s being, choking off part of their heart (at which point, some negative aspect always manifests- or inversely, some positive use comes to a negative habit). A character who is overly pure sprouts a unicorn horn, able to purge disease and poison from around them, and being immune to any impure or tainted hazards…However, they are unable to be touched by another person, and only able to eat specially-consecrated bread.


Collaborative Storytelling


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